Cerys Goodwin



More information:

Hiya, I’m Cerys and I’m part of the Logistics and Operation team. I got into designing in my 3rd year of high school and am now studying my hobby. If I’m not designing, I’m usually playing the piano or walking my dog. My experience in hospitality and volunteering lead me to want to explore more options of management and it has, also, become one of my more recent passions however music and drawing will always be my favourites.

My favourite all-time TED talk is The Transformative Power of Classical Music by Benjamin Zander where he talks (and plays) his way around how and why classical music is special to everyone. It’s not some boring music genre, but rather a sound that can make any child happy and even appear on the big screens. I just really like how he portrays the different side to classical music that a lot of people usually miss.

I decided to join the TEDx team because I wanted to know more about how TEDx works, how it runs, and who are the people behind it rather than the ones up on stage. I wanted to try something different, as well, and TEDx has definitely provided me with something challenging but fun.