Harry Phillips



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This is Harry, our Head of Marketing and Communications. Following completion of his Undergraduate degree at Strathclyde, Harry decided to return and undergo a Master’s degree in a different faculty and subject area from his first degree – throwing himself straight in the deep end. This is something he often does and classes these situations as “being way out of my depth”, which he thrives upon and actively seeks. An avid traveller, Harry has partaken in two exchange programmes to the University of Tartu in Estonia and Tianjin Normal University in China in recent years and is applying to work in Europe for 2021. His personal goal is simply to travel the world, tying in with his professional goals of working within Europe and Asia before settling in France.

Favourite TED talk and Why: “How to Achieve Your Most Ambitious Goals” by Stephen Duneier is Harry’s favourite TED talk. This is┬ábecause it demonstrates the importance in goal setting and proves that anything can be possible if you set your mind to it, regardless of how wild and abstract your goals may be. The message in this talk is what Harry believes to be one of the most important messages to keep in mind throughout life and is something he truly believes.

“Having such a strong TEDx organisation at Strathclyde motivated me to join so I could enhance my knowledge and network while gaining invaluable professional experience alongside my studies – it’s one of the best opportunities for students to get involved in at university regardless of their career goals”