Resilience Reignited 2021

Resilience has been a word that we have heard much over the past 18 months. Whether that is the resilience we have shown as we have endured the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the resilience communities across the world have shown as they have battled increasingly extreme weather events or the numerous injustices that we have witnessed and the protests that followed.

Since 2020, we have all arguably shown more resilience than we have ever had to before, some discovering it for the first time and others reconnecting with it in the face of great adversity. Therefore, we at TEDxUniversityofStrathclyde could think of no better theme for this year’s Annual Ideas Conference than that of Resilience Reignited.

Our focus has been to bring together a selection of inspiring and change-making individuals from all across the world to hear their perspectives on our theme. Whether this is through the lens of business and how leaders can cultivate a collection vision within their teams or through the next generation of robots set to make sustainability, not just a buzzword frequently used in the run-up to COP26, but a tangible goal for us all to contribute towards.

When we hosted our 2020 conference, we were doing so on the 14th of March, just days before the first of several national lockdowns and little did we know just how vastly different the circumstances under which we would hold our 2021 event. Despite setbacks and against increasingly challenging odds we as an organising committee have shown extraordinary resilience as we have planned our ambitious 2021, entering into the spirit of our theme wholeheartedly.

Having spent several months cultivating a carefully selected list of international speakers, we are confident that not only our local audience on the day of the conference, but our global audience too will feel immersed in the talks and feel part of our TEDxUniversityofStrathclyde community.

At Resilience Reignited, we will be going on a journey with our speakers looking at the materials that will be laying the foundations of our sustainable buildings and also with the people who are tasked with ensuring our cities will meet our changing needs in the years ahead. We will be taking a look at the robots that will be shaping the way we approach food storage as well as learning why failure can be even more important than success.

If our theme and talks resonate with you, then why not join us on Saturday 2nd October 2021 for a full day of inspirational and thought-provoking speeches from individuals across the globe who are driving change in their respective fields.

You can get your tickets here through our society page.

If you have any questions about our conference or any events, we will have coming up in the future then you can contact us at

We look forward to hearing from you and to welcoming you to our Annual Ideas Conference 2021.

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