Dr. Emma Mellanie Morton


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Emma Mellanie Morton is an Architect, within City Design at Glasgow City Council.

“Engage the world, change the world. The Future of the City.”

Climate change arguably poses the biggest challenge to children’s rights globally. The Glasgow Children’s Climate Charter will declare a duty of care to protect children against climate change and commit to a legacy of intergenerational equity. It is a declaration and promise to work in partnership with children to sustain a city that is restorative by intention and is regenerative by design. 

Emma’s philosophy is that great architecture should tread lightly on the environment, and she cares about both the architectural design aesthetic and the environmental impact of our buildings. She is concerned with how to sustain and reuse natural resources, which the city consumes and retains, so that we can better serve future generations. Emma is passionate about environmentally led design and her research interests lie in energy performance and holistic sustainable building design solutions for the city.