Dr. Lorenzo Conti

Managing Director

More information:

Dr. Lorenzo Conti is Founder & Managing Director of Crover Ltd, an Edinburgh-based start-up which developed the world’s first ‘subterranean drone’ (i.e., a CROVER).

“To boldly go where no robot has gone before… below the surface!”

The human pursuit to explore new horizons has brought us to be able to build machines that can reach the seas and the skies, but we have somewhat forgotten to get past what is under our feet: solid granular surfaces.

The talk will provide an introduction to previous attempts to move through granular materials, ubiquitous systems like sand, grains and powders, and it will present the story and science behind the first feasible method for locomotion through such type of environments, including a LIVE demo of the CROVER robot.

Lorenzo is an Enterprise Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering and holds a PhD in Engineering from The University of Edinburgh (UofE), where he worked on granular rheology (the study of how granular matter flows) and discovered the ‘CROVER effect’. Before that, he completed an MEng in Civil Engineering at UofE and worked on construction projects in Italy, Switzerland, Germany.