Miguel Dupret

Start-up Director & Consultant

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Miguel Dupret is a start-up director and consultant for strategic operations. Miguel has comprehensive intercultural and international experiences, including renowned institutions like Harvard and Oxford universities. 

“Why students need to fail”

Our society is evolving at a breath-taking pace, where the history is written mainly by successes and leaves very little space for failure and rejection. Still, failure is a fundamental pillar of our lives and with the correct approach, it unlocks our full potential. University students and young adults can strongly benefit from this approach towards failure to achieve a very fulfilling life and career.

Miguel Dupret is a well experienced start-up director and strategic operations consultant, currently positioned as Associate Strategic Operations at Kearney and an Equity Investor and Board Member at MPD SME CAPITAL. Miguel has worked in director positions throughout Europe in cities including Geneva, London, and Milan for MPD PARTNERS alongside managerial positions throughout the world during his time at Sentient Blue Technologies S.r.l.

Miguel has developed vast and extensive knowledge in all fields of business and management across five educational institutions across the world. This began with learning International Project Management in Stuttgart, followed by an MSc in Aerospace Engineering from Instituto Superior Técnico in Portugal, and an MBA from Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration specialising in Project and Process Management. Miguel also underwent various Project Management qualifications following his MBA and completed a Strategic Finance Diploma from Oxford University – Said Business School and their Negotiation programme, with his most recent education coming from Harvard Business School’s Leading Professional Service Firms Executive Education in 2018.

Miguel’s professional and educational experience have taken him all over the world and helped shape his extraordinary career and the success within it, making him an amazing asset to our 2021 TEDxUniversityofStrathclyde Annual Ideas Conference speaker line-up.