Omar Esa

Singer/ Song-Writer

More information:

Omar Esa is an independent award-winning, chart topping International faith-based singer/songwriter (nasheed artist) from the United Kingdom.

“The day I cried”

Life is a journey of patience and resilience. Whilst on the path to be noticed, life has taken me through many highs and lows, but these challenges gave me answers to questions I never knew I had. 

Omar Esa was previously an RnB/Pop singer in 2011 and was inspired to change his path to share the beauty of faith with the world. His new journey began with a simple dream- to show the world the beauty of his religion Islam through his songs. Omar Esa is a strong advocate for voice only songs and has coined the phrase “Anything music can do, so can the voice – My voice is my instrument”.

His singles ‘Tera Pyaar – Your Love’ (2018), ‘Nikah’ (Marriage) (2019), ‘Ya Allah’ (2020) and ‘Spiderman’ (2021) have all hit the number 1 spot on the iTunes UK world chart. He regards his voice as a blessing from Lord and aims to use his songs to forward the wonderful messages of peace, love and unity throughout the whole world, Lord willing.