Sam Rogers

Design Lead and Jet Suit Test Pilot

More information:

Sam Rogers is Design Lead and a Jet Suit Test Pilot at Gravity Industries.

“How cinema inspires technology”.

How pursuing a passion for flight, cinematic storytelling, and 3D printing led to building rocket engines, becoming a designer and Test Pilot of the Gravity Jet Suit, and flying a hoverboard alongside the Back to the Future DeLorean.

Sam focuses on designing the Gravity Jet Suit. He is an expert in design optimised for metal 3D printing. His passion and expertise stems from growing up making pyrotechnics with his grandfather, building solid fuelled rocket motors, homemade camera stabilisers and radio-controlled aircraft. This led him to work on 3D printed rocket engines prior to joining Gravity. Sam also runs his company Quartermaster, focusing on design for 3D printing. He has a degree in Product Design and Technology (BSc) from Loughborough University.