TEDxUniversityofStrathclyde Annual Ideas Conference 2021

The following post was originally published on Glasgow Chamber of Commerce website.

Not many people can claim that they have organised a large-scale conference amid an incoming pandemic but that is exactly what our Lead Organiser Sheik Abdul Malik, did in 2020. Our ‘Everything Connected’ event was held on 14 March, immediately before the national lockdown and despite the challenging circumstances surrounding the event, we were still able to deliver an outstanding conference, hosting 12 international speakers from locations such as Seattle and Qatar. 

Twelve months on, we are keen to hold our 2021 iteration of the much-anticipated event and having weathered the experiences that the 2020 event brought, we are prepared for what is certain to be our most spectacular conference to date. 

TEDxUniversityofStrathclyde has been hosting our Annual Ideas Conference for seven years and during this time we have had the immense pleasure to welcome renowned scientists and engineers, astronauts, business leaders, change-makers and all those who simply have an idea that is worth spreading. Our event attracts audiences from all over the world with our tickets last year selling out in under an hour. 

This year we are bringing our same passion and drive for TED talks complemented by a conference organising team of over 60 talented individuals spanning five key areas: Marketing & Communications, Logistics & Stage Management, Finance & Sponsorship, IT and Speakers & Curators. 

Scheduled for the last weekend in September, we are in the process of finding those who have an inspirational story, an innovation idea or life-changing experiences that they wish to share with our global community. Our Speakers Application form is now live, and we are looking to hear from you. 

You can find out more about TEDxUniversityofStrathclyde by visiting our website and if you would like to watch the talks by our previous year’s speakers then you can do so on our official YouTube channel

If you would like to apply to be one of our 2021 speakers then you can access our application form here. The deadline for submissions is 31 March 2021 at 11:59 pm. 

If you have any questions regarding our Annual Ideas Conference, then you can contact us at tedxstrath@gmail.com 

We look forward to hearing from you all and we hope to see you at our Annual Ideas Conference later in the year!

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